Who We Are

Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.  –  Buddha

Here’s John ~ ~ ~ John SZDFlying was my 25 year passion.    I lived for my freedom in the air.  18,000′ above the ground, soaring a distance around the mountains, searching for thermal updrafts above fields and gliding  up to 90 kts beneath miles of cloud streets.

Here’s Diane ~ ~ ~ AnnieI loved the  family ranch so much I chose to spend all my free time taking care of the cows and calves. Canning season started in July and ended just before the frost set in.  It was a very rewarding lifestyle; a change to the  25+ years spent as a financial analyst stuffed in the maze  of corporate cubicles.

The Ranch, Home away from corporate and city life ~  ~ ~

Ranch 2005

“God’s Country”, as my elderly uncle described it,  and the natural beauty and serenity surrounded us. Those cloud streets on the horizon were John’s idyllic flying weather.


Here are 5 of 7 sons, spouses and grandsons. We raised a great blended family of seven boys, their ages range in a 9 year span.  3 grandsons and another grandson on his way in July, a going away gift.   We are very proud of our sons!                 PS.  Sorry, we spent  your inheritance…

Two of us preparing to set sail ~ ~ ~ In 2005 we sDSCN1836pent 10 days on a bare boat charter in the Caribbean with a group of flying and sailing friends. The sailing experience turned out to be more than a vacation.  It became our dream and new way of life to sail the oceans.