Sailing Photos

TOPOLOBAMPO, Sinaloa Mexico

IMG_2313Built on and around a giant rock hill.




IMG_2340The malecon’s play area.  Full sized gym equipment modified for all ages.  The equipment uses a person’s weight counter balancing the movements.  We’d never see this state side!



IMG_2381John’s favorite street eatery, the Churros cart. Topo had only one and operated only on occasion. Too bad, they would’ve made a lot of money from John alone!



Local tortilleria, an assembly line of women at various work stations. Wonderful hot off the grill.IMG_2304


Riding the bus from Topo to Los Mochis.  Just taking in the scenery of gringos and their obnoxious cameras.



BUDDY BOATS – Great friends!


IMG_1953SV Anjuli, Union 36. Very nice boat maintained by Tammy and Dan, hailing port is Portland, OR.  YAY Portland!  This was taken at Candelero anchorage – departing for Ensenada Grande anchorage, Espiritu Islands, SoC.  They are bound for the East coast via the Panama Canal. We’ve been together since Morrow Bay.


IMG_1627SV Yare, home built steel ketch, 32′ Colin Archer design. Go small boats!  Tor and Jessica, wonderful family with twin boys, Oden and Lars, from Seattle, WA. We first met them in Dana Point, then met up in San Diego and continued together until LaPaz. Hoping to meet up again in Puerto  Vallarta and continue our journey together.

IMG_1846Hoku Pa*a, Canadian built boat, 35′ Barb and Bjarne from Victoria, BC.  First met in Turtle Bay, stayed together until we left for Topo.



Topolobampo boundAnjuli took this picture of Konami headed for Topolobampo.  It was a 20 hour motor across the Sea of Cortez.  It took us nearly 3 hours from the entrance of the bay to the marina, 14 miles inland. Slow going due to shallow water and undefined buoys in the secondary channel.



Laundry Day

IMG_1753John ironing with an a newfangled iron, guaranteedto not scorch the clothes if you don’t overheat the pan of hot water, works like a charm!



Isla Espiritu, Sea of Cortez

IMG_1843 IMG_1806 IMG_1967

New Year’s Eve, celebrated on the beach with good friends.




Looking south from the top of mountain we hiked twice because we forgot the camera the first time. Well worth the 2nd trip!  Not too bad for a couple of old farts! IMG_2016

IMG_2019 IMG_1879







Faces in the rocks around the canyon walls, just above the shoreline.





Departing Isla Espiritu, famous rocks where sea lions give birth and you can snorkel with the playful pups.  On our way to Topolobampo.




August 2014, off the Washington Coast

underway 2014While underway, tired from lack of sleep and a migraine headache,  where it lands you just don’t care until arrival. Swab was steering for a while.



DSCN2028  Sunny day, blowing 20kts. Konami was in her groove.





Small gale warning, no sports fishing boats to worry about.  Rockin and Rollin downwind.




Poled DrifterPoled  drifter;  yankee and main to Port. Running on the Columbia River coming back from the San Juan islands.  Wind was quartering allowing us to make use the main and yankee sails together. Should’ve tried hoisting the staysail too but we were short one halyard. Gotta work on that rigging.  Fantastic sailing for 3 days back to Portland.






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