Boat Projects

Stbd Tank Replaced the leaking Starboard Fuel Tank. Due to the engine size it had to be cut out.  John created a mock up and reinstalled a 33 gal custom built tank to slide over the engine.Port Tank



The port tank was newer but was sat directly on the fiberglass shelf and had severe corrosion on the bottom.  Pulled the tank and had local welder cut off the bottom and weld on new. Glued on neoprene rubber strips under the tank and under the retaining straps.  Reinstalled using plastic for cleats that allows condensation and water to evaporate.



Pulled the engine in 2013, replaced all belts, hoses, front and rear engine seals, starter ringPull Engine, overhauled transmission, replaced drive shaft, new max prop, timing belt, fresh water pump, serviced heat exchanger, oil breather, fuel injectors, replaced engine mounts.  Took about 3 weeks to complete the engine maintenance.  It has 2300 hours,  should last for a few more years.



Cap rail project:    Parkay style teak boards were screwed down, but constant movement allowed water to seep in everywhere.  We pulled off the entire cap rail and replaced it with fiberglass.  To retain some teak finish, John made an eyebrow on the outer edge.  The full project with detailed pictures and process write up can be found on the Westsail bulletin board: Westsail Fixes & FAQ

Bungs drilled out

View from side of the teak eyebrowteak eyebrowcaprail finished


Finished fiberglass cap railed and teak eyebrow




The Rudder Fairing Project:  pictures are on the Westsail bulletin board: Westsail Fixes & FAQ

Rudder beforfeKnown as the Dave King modification, the gap between the rudder and hull is narrowed down, the gundgeons that attached the rudder to the hull is covered and about two feet of the hull is actually covered with foam and fiberglass to create a smooth water flow, reducing parasitic drag and helps the boat sail a little faster and smoother. Especially through the tack.