Sail Inventory and Ground Tackle


Main Sail: 1997 Port Townsend Carol Hasse sail.  Battenless, 3 deep reef points, heavy 10 oz dacron  custom order made for offshore capability. Extra slugs on the mast and foot.

Yankee:  New 2014, Kern sail, 305sqft with foam luff tape on Profurl.  5.5 oz dacron sewn with tri-radial cut for greater strength,  bias strength of an 8 oz sail.  Made for offshore capability yet light weight for lighter winds.

Working Jib: Old but hardly used, Kern sail. 110sqft with new luff tape and UV dacron protection.  34′ Luff, 28′ Leech, 16′ Foot.  This sail will be the working sail when we go to weather, (sailing into the wind vs, wind coming from behind the boat)

Drifter Reacher: New 2011, Banks sail, 535sqft, .75 oz weight nylon used with 13/24′ Forespar pole mounted on the mast.  ATN Sock for easy deploy and snuffing.

imageStaysail: New 2014 ,Kern sail, custom made to fit cabin top car tracks, hank on with reef points.


Storm Jib: New 2015, North sails, hank on, 8.50z dacron.  Luff 20′, Leech 14’3″ , Foot 10′ 5″


Storm Trysail, New 2015 North sails,  8.50z dacron.   17’3″ Luff, Leech 23′ 3″, Foot 11′ 1″. Parallels mainsail track

GROUND TACKLE:  2 anchors on the bow, spare in the bilge, 1 stern mounted

45 # CQR with new 250 feet 5/16 G4 chain and 100 feet 3/4″ nylon 3 strand rode

33# Bruce – spare

33# Delta with new 50 feet 5/16 G4 chain and 200 feet 3/4″ nylon 3 strand rode

25# Danforth mounted to the stern with 40 feet 5/16  G4 chain and 100 feet 5/8″  nylon  3 strand rode

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