23 September, 2018 20:46

We sailed a good run from Millbrook cove anchorage Saturday morning. Rounded Cape Scott with 1 kt favorable current and 12 kts of wind. It was fun sailing while it lasted. About 50 miles from Cape Scott is Brooks Pennisula. A rectangular shaped peninsula spanning westward nearly 10 miles. As with any other cape protruding out with shallow water and extensive shallow shoals the waves pile up when it’s blowing over 15kts from north or south. Our wind died long before we arrived at Brooks leaving us with a very large swell and 2 meter waves stacked on a short period. We rolled hard from side to side. All sailing strategies couldn’t help us. Giving up, we had to start Konami’s boyfriend, Perkie.
Well as plans change all the time, we didn’t have enough fuel when we left out, thinking we’d be stopping in a port before running the inside passage of Vancouver Island. Mistake. We calculated our fuel burn and had Esperanza made, a total of 145 miles from the anchorage but no more.

Early morning, our first overnight passage since departing Kodiak a beautiful sunrise over Eliza iInlet bound for Esperanza. The tiny marina/resort turned out to be a very quaint stopover. They cater to a Christian camp for children. A nice easy enter fuel dock with good service, free delicious coffee and ice cream bars with a fuel fill up. They were an awesome group of people!

Tanked up, we headed right back out into rolling seas and wind less than 15kts. In this heading and wind behind us it’s a rough combination. The waves are so big we slide sideways down the breakers. Either blow or be done with trying!
We’ve been motoring all day, probably through the night as well as winds are forecasted to be less than 10 kts, but the waves continue as we whine.

We just want to go home now. How much longer will it be?

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