22 September, 2018 10:31

We’ve been sitting, literally on the boat, unable to go ashore due to heavy rain for 5 days and the stormy conditions that roared by Thursday and Friday. We prepped Konami for offshore conditions. Amazing how much stuff becomes so easily out of place. We’ve been motoring in protected waters since arriving in Cross Sound nearly 5-6 weeks ago.
Our weather break is here, we’re rolling on! Just go, don’t think about the lumpy seas, the unreliable radio forecast. We see the weather pattern for the next few days from our Iridium phone. That forecast is pretty good for up to 2 days passage. The air is brisk and clean, the sea smells inviting. Dark grey regal sea, sunlight shimmering off the wavelets, magnificent. We trust our beloved Konami, we trust the ocean Gods to get us through. Great to be out on the open sea once more!

One thought on “22 September, 2018 10:31

  1. Phil September 23, 2018 / 12:45 pm

    That’s so great you’re going on the outside!


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