A Week Gone By

We arrived too late to catch the last tide into Cape Spencer, the entrance to the mire protected water. We were treated to a clear dark sky lit up with glowing green ribbons of bright northern lights across the Fairweather mountain range. It was truly mystic and fascinating.
We spent two nights in quaint Elfin Cove, an old WWII lookout base now a stop over for the Alaskan fishing fleet and cruising boats. The weather continued to provide warm sunny days for exploring Granite Island and the near extinct Steller sea lion.
We moved across to Glacier Bay for five days. The highlight was the stunning, scary and formidable glaciers. We motored to Johns Hopkins Inlet, nearly half way to the glacier face until the icebergs choked the passage. We sat and watched in awe as the glacier cracked with loud booms and groans hoping to watch it calve. (Enormous chunks of ice fall from the face of the glacier). Instead we witnessed a rock slide from a bare vertical cliff just 300 yards ahead of our bow. It slid nearly 200 feet into the water sending up a huge dust cloud that lingered for 10 minutes or more. That was deafening and startling!
We anchored in icy cold Reid Inlet. The water was a milky turquoise green from the glacier runoff at the head of the bay. We hiked up to the face to listen and watch a fast running river coming out from under the massive glacier. It was a very heartfelt hike, feeling humbled standing before 100′ of ancient ice. Another incredible moment of our cruising journey.
We arrived in Hoonah, a very close knit Tlinglit, pronounced “Klinkit” Indian village at the top of Chichagof Island. The natives are kind and eager to share their family ancestry, artwork and wood carving. Some of it was commercialized for the cruise ships that sustain the economy but we met several natives who were genuinely interested in explaining their history and meaningful art. We had a very relaxing two days in the easy dock.
The Fall season is approaching rapidly now, the days are significantly shorter and we’re starting to feel pressed for time to make it home.
We’re continuing eastward, deeper into the inside passage. Send us light winds, sun and calm waters in your thoughts.

One thought on “A Week Gone By

  1. Phil August 28, 2018 / 12:30 pm

    I see you made it to Granite Island.
    Did you make it into Taz Basin?
    I bare boat chartered out of Seward and made that journey.
    Crazy going across all that kelp along the entrance.
    I work at Boeing in the Tool Fab department and own
    a Pacific Seacraft 34 moored in Hayden Bay.
    Been following your journey.


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