Half Way

We are half way across “The Gulf” making very good seaway. There is a 35+ knot blow coming from the south so we are motor sailing trying to maintain decent speed. Dejavu Japan crossing. We changed our destination to Cross Sound- the entrance to the Inside Passage. An additional 100 miles making a total distance of 500 miles – four nights, as a spiraling low appears to stall and the high pressure along the northwest coast of Alaska is forecasted to hold allowing us to squeak in. By pushing ahead we will make up more than three days of sitting in a marina waiting for another departure window to continue south. We have an alternative safe harbor should the forecast drastically change.
The weather is either good motoring or just bad winds and seas in Alaska, so the fishermen say.
The seas have been rolly at times with big currents from the farthest north Cook Inlet, Prince William Sound, and other large inlets of water either help or oppose our speed by as much as 1.5 knots. The ocean depth in some places exceed 15,000 feet and the water temperature has warmed to 56 degrees at the surface being exposed to southern water.
Beyond enjoying warm sunny days, we watched a small ray of “northern lights” dance and big blobs of blue-purple bioluminescence trail behind the boat as the engine exhaust system spat water. The moonless night air was so clear the stars reflected off the glassy sea. These kinds of moments help the bitter-sweet emotions John and I are presently experiencing – Sailing into the unknown.

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