Kodiak, Our childhood dreams

We’re so humbled and grateful that our childhood dreams were fulfilled. Kodiak is more than we anticipated. Wonderful fishing community, generous people offered us rides to the store, laundry, hiking, driving all around the island and lots of fresh fish. We’ve enjoyed the long daylight hours, warm summer days, fantastic juicy wild berries, mushrooms and bear watching.
Time is closing in, we are wanting to get across the Gulf now, a 3 day passage to Yakutat if the weather holds. We’re watching the gribs, talking to the locals about currents and waves. Soon we’ll set sail. Send us good thoughts for a safe passage as we leave “The Last Frontier”

Vacation Days!

Our overnight crossing was very good, one of the better ones since leaving Japan. 18 kts of wind just aft of the beam. We made up to 7 kts in 1 meter waves but as the waves began to build and adverse current created chop we slowed down to a comfortable average of 5.5kts. Dione was 3 miles ahead of us the entire distance so we were proud of our performance as they’re a good 10 feet longer on the waterline. We had perfect timing for the morning tide and daylight. We dropped anchor in pouring down rain, an unprotected anchorage in loose gravel. With the strong wind forecast approaching we gave up on the petroglyphs and headed back out for another 8 hour motor ride through dense fog to Japanese Bay.
We were richly rewarded with very protected mud holding and calm bay. The bay meets the Japanese standard of solitude, rugged but with romantic details of flowers, fine sand beaches, waist high tundra grass with quiet birds floating in shallow water.
We watched a mother bear and twin cubs play along the shoreline. They were fiercely growling and bawling as they moved off to their den for the evening.
The sunshine was our first in weeks. We walked along the shoreline with Glenn and Sue, sat and enjoyed the peacefulness of the mountains.
The weather forecast calls for summertime weather so we are on the move to 3 Saints Bay to enjoy more of Kodiak in calm anchorages and t-shirt weather.
These rare days make the rough passages, cold rain and dense fog worth the effort to be here. Wish you could sit in the warm cockpit and hear the bears with us!

Kodiak Bound

We’ve been day hopping up the peninsula, from Volcano bay to Sand Point back across to Chignik Harbor., nearly 350 miles eastbound. Stunning volcanic scenery, gorgeous floral and fauna, rugged terrain in the anchorages, more whales, 4-5 bears walking and catching salmon, jumping salmon and Stellar sea lions with SV Tara alongside. We had a great reunion with our Australian boat friends on SV Dione, last seen in March where we said our farewells in Osaka knowing we’d meet up somewhere in Alaska. We spent 4 days catching up, hiking the willow alder covered hillside picking salmon berries and late night dinners with fresh salmon and halibut from the local fishing boats in Chignik harbor. What an amazing place with the friendliest people, all curious about our sailing adventures.
We had a terrific sail from Chignik, doing nearly 7 kts in steady wind and relatively calm seas. Spent our last night in Aniakchak bay with Dione on the peninsula side preparing for our overnight passage to Kodiak.
We’re currently bound for the southern point of Kodiak, Lazy Bay in Alitak strait. There are petroglyphs out on the point. Bears too, but we will stay in a group and have our whistles and air horn. The locals assure us the bears aren’t interested in eating us while wearing heavy clothing. Hmmm.
Time is going by so quickly, leaving us very little time to enjoy each anchorage. There is another big blow coming but we’ll be in safe anchorages with Dione. We’re looking forward to exploring Kodiak’s waterways as we head for Saint Paul harbor on NE Kodiak. Most of the 13 boats that departed Japan will be there, all waiting for good weather to cross over to the Prince William Sound vicinity.