Birthday and Farewell party

7 days in Dutch Harbor, Unalaska. A large fishing port that boasts of home port to “The Deadliest Catch” fishing boats. We saw film crews and captains walking around town, they looked a little fishy and scruffy to me. We spent every day with cruising friends and boat projects for everybody. This was the first port with an extraordinary expensive Safeway grocery store, Ace Hardware, a real gas station. Bald eagles sit on the dumpsters like begging seagulls on the beach. They’re dirty and scruffy looking, their feathers litter the road and harbor area, they are a menace to the wind index at the top of the masts and poop all over the boats. But we still stopped to watch them soar overhead. The juveniles fight in midair screeching as they lock their talons and do the classic tumble.

We said tearful goodbyes as we split up to cruise our separate ways, wished Jacomine a happy 60th, barbecued fresh halibut – a gift from a local fisherman, and ate nearly a gallon of huge sweet salmon berries.
The weather finally lightened up so we are now headed for Dora Harbor, a small knob on the east side of Unimak island, 138 miles from DH.
The wind is calm but the island chain creates fast currents causing large swells with tide changes.
Whales swim by very close- diving and slapping their massive tails. Bright yellow and orange headed puffins swim in clusters, and large gray boobies skim the surface of the beautiful sapphire colored water. This is an amazing leg of our journey!

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