The Bering Sea

Captains’ Log: Stardate 14072018 Day 29,
Alaska journey

Current Position. 53 40N. 168 47W
We are doing well, getting lots of sleep and finally able to cook and eat. John was the mainstay of this leg as I battled motion sickness.

The cold sea is fairly calm at the moment, a nice relief from the rolling and pitching while cooking or standing to chart our position. With very little wind the sea suddenly becomes turbulent, chasing us with white cappped 2-3?meter waves on long swells about 7 seconds apart lasting several hours. Peering out through the cabin hatch I can see only walls of dark gray water looming closely at the stern. A few caught us by surprise sending clear water through the lifelines.
The cockpit is a salty mess each time we step out to look around. John does most of the work outside as it’s very slippery and he has a hard time maintaining his foothold. I am easily thrown about so I stay just inside the companionway waiting for instructions.

The Bering sea, another adventurous dream fulfilled. Far off, 709 miles to the North we are just abeam “The Big Diomede island”. It’s Russian territory sitting almost equally between Alaska an Russia. 20 miles to the Alaskan border and 23 miles to the Russian border. Pretty cool.
We thought we’d see some Russian fishing fleet on radar or the AIS but we encountered only one Alaskan fishing boat thus far. Miles of gray ocean and light gray sky beyond our visual scope in all directions seem so surreal at times. Like we are the only two people left on the planet. No radio chatter, not even static noises.

We are motor sailing and approaching the northwest corner of Umnak Island. We have only to round Umnak and Dautch Harbor, Unalaska will be within 15 hours.
We hope to arrive by early morning to catch a slack current. The opposing current runs at about 2.5 knots against us later in the day. At least the forecast is for North wind and very light so our headway into the dock area shouldn’t be hampered. A new place, new surroundings, reuniting with our cruising buddies.

We will post again as we turn the corner!

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