Into the Mystic

Good bye, Adak, it was a real vacation. We spent 13 days on Adak living almost carefree at anchor and tied to the tall fishing dock. The local residents were very generous with rides, some fresh food, shower and laundry facilities in their homes and gave us a few large chunks of fresh halibut. We had a grand tour of the old Navy facilities, toured the dark, mold ridden underground bunkers, and were driven around the island getting a current status on the massive clean up job of the Navy responsibility. Our tax payers dollars to the tune of $12-15 Million dollars a year since 1995 are being spent on ordnance removal, and diesel tanks – millions of gallons buried in leaking underground storage tanks. Most of it from the 1980’s fear of war with Russia.
Beyond the ghost town/city that could be used for a setting of “The Walking Dead” complete with city blocks of abandoned duplexes, vehicles, fire trucks and bulldozers the 60 or so annual residents and 300 transient fish plant employees the rugged and wild terrain is magnificent!
Sea otters, seals and bald eagles were plentiful indicating a healthy coastline. We hiked in The waist deep tundra, lupine covered hillsides and black sand beaches.
We enjoyed spending fun time with our cruising buddies, Arpatas-French couple and Tara-Netherlands couple.

So now we’ve all departed, bound for Unalaska- Dutch Harbor where we hope to reunite with our Australian friends on Dione.
We will post our passage notes as we sail the 400 miles, hopefully 3 days in a brisk wind.

Send us good thoughts on the South wind!

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