moving on after the blow

We departed Bay of Islands this morning after spending 1 great day in beautiful tundra and mountains with lake, caribou, bald eagles flying overhead; and 2 nights sitting out 27 kts of wind in the small cove with 2 other boats. Gusting winds howled down off the mountains as we all sat in our doorways watching to make sure we weren’t dragging anchor. Trapper’s cove is a small sunken crater with just enough room for 3 boats snuggly anchored in close proximity to one another. All was very good, we enjoyed a traditional Japanese “hot pot” dinner aboard Konami, the first since leaving Japan for all. A very nice celebration to have us 3 boats back together once again.
We are bound for Sweepers Cove, 38 miles around other side of Adak. There is a 4th July celebration at the boat harbor, burgers and maybe fries- john’s favorite. We heard that there will be fireworks too but being it’s still daylight at midnight not sure what we will see.?We’re not sure how long we’ll be in port, there is another big blow coming by The end of the week. Watch for us on the Iridium Go tracker.

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