Kiska arrival

Passage statistics: 16 hours difference between Japan and Aleutian time.
1,450 miles straight line route, 14 days 11 hours, Japan date and time. tacking or jibing miles 120 Motored 107 hours including battery charging hours
Times we cursed: 2
Bath: 0
Dinners: 10
Whale sightings: 2

We arrived at first light in 15 Kts of wind and dense fog directly into the harbor entrance. Just inside the narrowing entrance the sun broke through exposing green hills, tall blown out volcano crater, a rusty half sunken WW2 Japanese ship haunting the anchorage area, calm water and hundreds of birds. Stunning coastline, cliffs of green rocks, a gavel beach with gentle lapping morning waves. All absolutely stunning!
No sooner had we dropped anchor and did our high fives and hugs, Tara, the Netherlands boat that was closest to us the entire passage dinghied over and said they and the French boat in the east bay were departing in a few hours due to the easterly blow moving in on Sunday. Not wanting to be trapped so far out westward we decided to buddy boat with them. Tara took us ashore to stretch our legs and hike the beautiful tundra.
WW2 relics litter a hillside. Japanese battle guns, tractors , shell casings, and rotting remains of the army encampment.
We spent 8 hours admiring the island, basking in the warm sun and total silence with exception to the birds calling out.

Three boats are now motorsailing to Adak, 220 miles east of Kiska; planning to arrive before the easterly blow sets in driving waves and opposing current. We will seek shelter in Bay of Islands on the west coast. Spend a few leisurely days hiking around the hills and streams.

Too many places to see and visit so we try to choose the best weather and sometimes we have to make scarcities. This is sailing and cruising.

One thought on “Kiska arrival

  1. Ruth & Randy Webster June 29, 2018 / 1:04 pm

    Congratulations! We’ve been following your adventures and this passage with interest. You are inspiring.


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