getting there

Day 14 June 27: not dark nor daylight
Current position: 51 05N. 174 48E 133 dragging miles to go.
We have been motor sailing in 5kts of wind with a long Westerly swell for 30 hours.
We will be changing our time zone back to Hawaii-Aleutian time, 6 hours earlier than U.S. west coast time in about 12 hours. The nearly full moon will be directly overhead in a couple of hours and breaking dawn in in three hours. The moon will disappear before we see it set. It’s rather confusing to our body clocks as Sleep and Hunger sensations argue with each other.
The difference between ocean and sky was very apparent today. We haven’t seen an actual orange glow sunrise or fiery sunset for a few days. The horizon has been one massive canvas of the same dull blue-grey color, 360 degrees.
We watched a whale surface, spout and dive waving his giant tail at us about a half mile from the boat. An amazing sight each time we see it happen!
Konami and crew are doing very well, ready for this long passage leg of our Alaskan journey to be completed. Good evening/morning to all of our family and friends!

One thought on “getting there

  1. Brett June 27, 2018 / 8:49 am

    Glad to hear ur both doing well…hope ur feeling better, Diane…


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