Written in Sand

Day 12 : June 26 17:45JST. 50 17N 171 36E, 250 miles from Kiska. Konami is now motor-sailing in 8 kts north wind, We planned on Attu being our first stop but the big front and continuous northerly winds changed our course line to Kiska, 166 miles east of Attu. Two other boats have also changed to arriving in Kiska, they are about one day ahead of us. The French boat with the fish net entangled in the propellor arrived in Attu last night, we haven’t received an update to their prop fix.
We’re disappointed to miss Attu but fighting our way back in the north wind just doesn’t seem feasible. Up side is we will have the opportunity to visit a couple of other islands on the way to Adak as long as the weather permits additional stops.
This year’s weather seems to be unusual with all the pressure gradients coming all the way to the Aleutians for extended periods. The North Pacific high isn’t strong enough to keep them at bay.
We hope to arrive in Kiska Anchorage by Thursday evening but may slow down to avoid arriving in the dark.
It’s s long way to motor, we calculated 44 hours of motoring in very light winds. We have enough fuel on board to arrive in Adak, our first fuel stop. Diesel is $3.45/gallon according to the other boats that went in and departed.
So turn on the engine heater, put away sleeping hats and gloves, we’re toasty and comfortable.

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