hot food

June 25, Day 11 finished with 122 miles logged, currently 345 miles to go. 22::00 position 49 53N. 169 34 E steady 4.5 kt, cog 070*
It’s been 3 days since the front blew through and the seas are still choppy. The wind was suppose to have lightened but we had 20 kts most of the day gusting 25 pushing us considerably south of our course line. Even with a triple reefed main, storm jib and furled yankee just a bit larger than the storm jib we were doing 6 kts.
John is doing well other than extremely cold as I am under the blankets with a migraine. We are missing good Japanese cuisine. Can’t wait to get into a calm Anchorage and pig out!
Hanging in there, wish us calmer steady winds 15 points behind the starboard beam.

One thought on “hot food

  1. ` jkimpossible June 26, 2018 / 7:07 am

    Udon and tempura look so yummy! Wish you fair and steady winds. Three days to go. I am already feeling a deep satisisfaction for huge accomplishment! Be safe.


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