Bad Hair Day

Day 10: 12:30 JST: current pos. 49 30N 165 16E, +- 490 miles to go. When it’s bad out don’t ask. Irritated, a few choice words, some minor annoying boat issues to fix upon arrival, and the overwhelming desire to be beamed into outer space makes Bad. The 4 other boats out here are doing about the same. Some bad, some good. The French boat has a fish net wrapped around one of the propellors but they can make it to Attu and will dive on it there. Burr, poor guy. Another boat had the furling line break-sending them scrambling to get a wild flinging sail down to deck. We lost our main halyard during a sail change, it is now firmly snugged up at the top of the mast. Fortunately we had a spare rigged. A quick trip up the mast when we get into a “calm” Anchorage.

But we made it out of the pressure gradient a little wiser. The 4 meter seas were overwhelming, 24 hours later the sea lay down to manageable sailing conditions. We’ve been ghosting along in light fog and blueGrey sky at a mere 4.3 kts. The wind just now picked up to 15-17 kts., currently sailing @ 6.0 kts in 1m waves. We anticipate decent sailing for tonight, maybe 24 hours before coming into a no wind zone. Hope to continue in great sailing conditions to the Aleutians.

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