Some photos from Marqueses

diane on spiriton horses HOHorse riding on Hiva Oa along the mountain top. Overlooking the anchorage. 15 kilometer ride on “Spirit” – Diane’s horse, and “Wallis” – John’s fast horse. Highly spirited horses from Chilean decent. Exhilarating, scary, down muddy jungle canyons and steep ridge tops. Horses were very sure-footed and loved to gallop.

John trying to reign Wallis for the photo almost backed him of the edge.




drum at churchWe rented a 4×4 for a day with buddy boat Athanor. We stopped at a village church and wandered into a vacant classroom. Loved the drum at the head of the class. It had an amazing rich sound.


After getting lost and driving all over Hiva Oa, it turned into a quest to find the “Smiling Tiki”. smiling tikiLate in the day after talking to a few different locals, we finally found the right trail. We missed a fork in the trail and walked through ankle deep muck to end up at a pig farm. Backtracked one more time and found it just before dark.


One thought on “Some photos from Marqueses

  1. Sue Boyle May 6, 2016 / 7:02 am

    Hi there it’s me Sue from work, I am glad you both made it safe, what an adventure you are on…be safe and have fun.


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