Portland Control – T Minus 15 Hours

Fine time for squalls and rain! The first rain we’ve had in 6 months, since we’ve been in Mexico and it poured down last night for a couple of hours. The wind howled in the rigging and the boat heeled as far as the dock lines allowed.  The morning was cool and wet – very refreshing. We loved it! image Helped us wash the boat but it also kept us from getting the dinghy and kayak stowed in the dry bags sooner.  We also have 2 inflatable SUPs that need to be dry and stowed down below. 30 days of damp gear makes for a moldy stinky mess on our bed.

We’re counting down the hours to departure time. There is a new process in Mexico now, we have to motor to the Port Captain in Nuevo Vallarta at 10:30 a.m., about a two hour ride for a full boat inspection and they bring the dogs on board. Not sure if the dogs are looking for meat, alcohol, stowaways or perhaps it’s really drugs they’re after.  As long as they don’t hike a leg on my deck, we’re good.

I dropped off the last of the laundry and paid a hefty tip to get it back by 5:00 p.m., purchased enough meat to fill the 2.5 gallon freezer, 7 dozen eggs and bought all the fresh veggies and fruits that will last in newspaper wrapping.  The canned food we’ll be eating for the next 25 days is stowed  on the v- berth bed in baskets and bins for easy access. I don’t have a menu planned since we don’t know what the weather will bring. Sometimes cooking is easy and we’re starving, other times we just don’t eat due to rough conditions. Grab the peanut butter and crackers, boiled eggs or cheese. Lots of cruisers make meals in heat or go bags and store them in the refridgerator, that’s beyond me when I don’t feel like cooking or eating and right now, neither one of us feel hungry due to the anxiety level.

We’re making our rounds on the docks this afternoon to say good bye to our boating friends we’ve made along the way, and checking in with the other Puddle Jumpers who are still prepping their boats.  I believe we’re the first boat out of the La Cruz, kinda scary but pioneering is adventurous too! Most of the other PP Jumpers are departing next week after this cold front passes through.

We have last minute electronic checks, emails, and boat system walk throughs. Top off the water tanks, showers and maybe by 9:00 p.m we’ll be ready to hit the sack, hope we can sleep!





2 thoughts on “Portland Control – T Minus 15 Hours

  1. Carol March 9, 2016 / 7:50 pm

    Wow! Very exciting! You are taking the next big step on your journey – and we will be with you all the way with our love and good wishes. I love hearing your stories -and if the photos tell the truth, John has never been happier.
    Love – Carol, Jeff, Michelle and Philip


  2. Carah March 11, 2016 / 1:02 pm

    Hi Konami, arrived home to a lovely box of chocolates, thank you!! it was wonderful to meet you guys, good luck on this leg of your adventure!


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