Ready or Not, JUMP!

We have been planning for this moment since July 2009!  We can’t believe the day for departing on our grand adventure across the Pacific Ocean is here, Hip Hip Hooray!IMG_0246 And we’re in an absolute state of  frenzy!!  No other way to state it, boat life is crazy right now getting the little details done before we jump. We have been working on the boat completing rigging projects, sewing sun covers and dinghy chaps, lee cloths, provisioning, researching the French Polynesia digs, making Google earth charts, filling out forms, updating our DeLorme satellite tracker to include other PPJ boats, watching the weather, and having our sundowners for the last 3 weeks.  There are other things also, too many to list here.

All those rigging projects weren’t on the list when we left, it’s when we got out onto the ocean and realized the Yankee furler line needs a rope clutch so I don’t lose control of the line, the mast needs another cleat, the preventer system isn’t adequate, the reefing system had gouged the mast and broke 3 slugs so John started over on that one.  We need the 4th solar panel wired and ready to go on deck for the crossing. The main sheet was an issue before we left Portland but we didn’t know what to do to make it better. Turn up the pressure and the solution came to light!

The dinghy cover was just fine, but we really needed dinghy chaps so I overhauled the cover.  IMG_0169Swore, ranted and raved and whatdayaknow, we have chaps. Mighty fine ones, I might add.

The provisioning brought bugs.  Another damn cockroach was smashed. I miss the Portland cold rain and icy days, no cockroaches on the boat. The boat was a disaster for a while but we managed to get it all stowed and the water line is  no longer there. IMG_0249 IMG_0250A guy came by one day and yelled “you’re going to have to repaint your waterline!”  Really?, we hadn’t noticed.



The air is saturated with ash and dust here in Mexico. I’m really looking forward to breathing clean air again on the ocean.  The halyards, sheets and canvas are black. We spent nearly 2 hours today hosing down just the sun covers and canvas, the boat is still dirty.

I found rust on the oven door because I haven’t been cooking or baking. It’s just too hot. Or maybe because I haven’t been paying attention to cleaning. Either way, I’ll be busy with stainless steel cleaner and polish on the inside and outside of the boat.

So the best way to end the project list is to get out the scissors and cut it off! There you have it, ready or not, here we go!






One thought on “Ready or Not, JUMP!

  1. Sue Boyle March 8, 2016 / 8:44 am

    Hi John and Diane , this is Sue from work, I got you email John, Kevin says Hi back and no I am not retired yet, probably a few more years. Looks like you are having a lot of adventures, I really enjoy your blogs,, wow south pacific…Safe travels ….take care.
    P.S. My email is messed up so it would not let me respond to your message….


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