Mazatlan Pictures


Lou and Diane at our favorite breakfast café.   Freida artwork is seen everywhere.IMG_0011



Mazatlan Mercado


Beautiful bead work by the Huilchol Indian women.  I would’ve bought it all!



John and Lou prepping the boat with wonderful fresh food from the Mercado.  Lou bought some delicious Mexican cake made with apples, walnuts, and cream that were our favorite.  The pineapple cake was great for breakfast.


IMG_0038On passage from Mazatlán to Isla Isabella, warm and nice breeze, just enough to tease us.  Long motor but was great to have Lou on night watch with me!  Time went by so quickly.



Isla Isabella was so close but the waves were pounding on the shore, there were 3 boats in the anchorage and no spare room.  We departed for Matanchen Bay, 40 miles Southeast, 4 miles from San Blas, Nayarit.  The sunset was beautiful, the weather and temperature was a definite change from the cooler Mazatlán area.

IMG_0050Mantenchen sunset

We spent a day at Sayulita, a tourist resort area with pounding surf, nice beach under palapa shade.IMG_0087Lou traveled back to Portland, we were so happy to have her on board with us.  Miss you, girlfriend!


One thought on “Mazatlan Pictures

  1. Larry Nicholson March 1, 2016 / 5:24 pm

    John… Sue has given me your blog site… It’s been fun to see the adventure you two are having! So glad to hear of your progress and adventures. – Larry Nicholson (Back here in cube-land of Boeing Portland.


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