Happy New Year

LaPaz, and the festive holidays came and went so quickly. LaPaz is a fascinating city, the people, sights and sounds. We loved every moment there, especially the bus rides and “hiking” the streets. The sidewalks end abruptly, partial sand, large potholes and gravel then back to concrete, or drop off 2 feet and if you’re not paying attention – wind up on your face or with a twisted ankle. Certainly not ADA approved. Christmas was surreal in 80 degrees wearing shorts and t-shirts. There wasn’t a build up of holiday activity, the Christmas carols were in Spanish. We went to a couple of movies, missed the Hunger Game movie though. We had a terrific potluck on Konami with our buddy boat group- Dan and Tammy from Anjuli, Bjarne and Barb from HokuPaa. Tor and Jessica from Yare had dinner with another “kid boat” anchored in the bay. Tammy roasted a fantastic turkey with all the trimmings, Bjarne baked wonderful rolls and rice pudding.
The 26th we took our last knobbed showers, heavily provisioned to last 30 days straight, and departed for Isla Espiritu Santo, the famous marine park 20 miles NE of LaPaz. After having spent 2 weeks tied to the dock, we were looking forward to being on the open water again. 3 hours of big waves and wind on the nose was actually enjoyable as we bashed our way north and dropped anchor in 10 feet of water within calm San Gabriel. A beautiful pristine bay protected by looming cliffs. Turquoise water and white sand beach line the bay just below the red cinder and steep walls of lava flow that slope into the sea. We’ve moved from inlet to inlet, some rolly due to waves wrapping around the points, northers blowing but we’re protected up close to the cactus covered canyon walls. Beach combing, hiking, snorkeling with our wetsuits has been awesome.
We toasted 2016 at 5:00 Mountain time.,(12:00 UTC or GMT or Zulu time) on the beach of Isla Partida, Ensenada Grande cove with our good friends, met a kayaking couple from French Polynesia who invited us to their home in Moorea,(we happened to have as a waypoint in our cruising plan), very enjoyable potluck, drank champagne, lit sparklers after the sun set. If the wind speed and direction change today and tomorrow, enough for the seas to lie down, we’ll head out beyond the beautiful marine park. A plan written in sand waiting for the tide to wash it away, as the old saying goes.
We wish you a wonderful 2016, full of laughter and love, abundant joy, and giving to others!

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