Hey Chuck, Shalline & Woodhouse!

Santa Maria Bay to Mag Bay – 20 NM, Dec 3rd
All four sailboats departed Santa Maria, sailing off the hook, easy day sail to Mag Bay dragging our hand fishing lines. Sailed for a couple of hours til the wind died. Started the motor giving us a better chance of hooking a fish. I stared at the line and rubbery squid thing with a big hook for nearly 2 hours. Right outside of Magdalena Bay entrance, I saw a blue-green flash near the hook. I couldn’t believe my eyes when sure enough it grabbed the plastic squid. “John, John, we got a fish!! Get the net, grab the line, stop the boat!” The poor fish was swimming behind us from right of the boat to far left trying to get away. I felt instant pity for him but I didn’t want to let him go either. The beautiful creature was like turquoise jewelry, bright blue and green, then turned a bright yellow back to green. Fascinating!
I radioed Anjuli and asked if we should drag it for a while to tire him out. They were watching the entrance and several fishing pangas in our path, giving us instructions on landing the fish. John slowly started to pull him in, little bit at a time. I grabbed the net and leaned over the railing to scoop him out of the water. I was not prepared for his weight and the strain on my back, Ugh! John helped me pull him into the boat. That’s when the poor fish went beserk! Thrashing about, flopping up and down, sending scales and slime everywhere – all over us, too. I was smart though, just before we pulled him in, I had stripped down to my underwear and t-shirt, John managed to get one tennis shoe off. So there we were; with a bleeding, thrashing giant fish in the cockpit,tangled in the net and line, bonking him on the head with a winch handle, trying to hand steer the boat through a maze of fishing pangas while cleaning the fish and keeping the chaos to a minimum. By the time we were done cleaning the fish, cockpit and ourselves, nearly 45 minutes had passed. In all the excitement, we forgot to weigh or measure it AND didn’t get a darn picture. We know it spanned the cockpit from the diagonal corner to the other, that’s 43 inches. Later after we anchored, Dan and Tammy from SV Anjuli came over to help fillet the fish and by their estimate we had a nice 15 – 20 pound Dorado. We had delicious fish tacos with all 10 people aboard Konami, huddled around our little dinette table. First, fantastic Dorado fish tale for our cruising journal! Thanks for the fishing gear, good friends!

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