Kick Ass Ride Out of Turtle Bay

Nov 21 – Dec 1. We were ready to blow out of Turtle Bay, 7 days was a little longer than we anticipated but 2 days recuperating from the flu bug and winds kept us anchored 5 of the 7 days. Good forecast for a 2 night 3 day passage to Magdalena Bay, 245 nautical miles (nm). Easy sail, nope. Four boats left out, slow sailing in light winds til noonish, set the drifter(large nylon sail-very sassy party dress) and headed west. By evening the winds picked up to a fresh breeze, dropped the drifter and sat back to enjoy a long easy tack. By 9:00 p.m., we were out in the lead right into 20 – 25 knots of wind, gusting 30 kts with 1 reef in the mail and full yankee, caught us totally off guard. Big square seas 8 X 8’s, white foamy waves spraying across the cockpit drenching us and the instrument panel, just pure joyous flying across the waves. 7.7 – 7.9 – 8.3 knots of sustained boat speed through the water! Wowow, Dave K., good job on the rudder fairing! No surfing, the trough disappeared, the waves became less than 5 seconds apart. Managed to get a 2nd reef in, furled the yankee to a small triangle and peeled off the miles to Mag Bay. By morning the other boats reported in with sick kids and crew, tired and done with the rough rolly seas. We weren’t, we were jazzed and hungry! We made good time, tried fishing the second night out in dead winds, reluctantly turned on the engine at 4:00 a.m., and we all headed to Santa Maria Bay, 10 miles short of Mag Bay but spectacularly rugged, warm and enjoyed gunkholing the Baja coastline. Only one large escapee avocado managed to turn itself into guacamole and proceeded to smear brown goo across the cabin sole. We just finished finding the last bits of it today (Dec 5)hiding in cracks and clothing. sailing hours: 47 hours 13 min (90% on one tack, – heading) engine hrs: 5 hrs 20 min.

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