Ensanada, Mexico, We’re Happy!

We departed San Diego Nov 14th, made the 4:00 a.m. departure for a 12 hour run to Ensanada, Mexico with our buddy boat, Anjuli.  Calm seas with no wind made for a noisy ride, boring ride.image The entry into the harbor and docking was one of the easiest entrances. Short and sweet. Another sailboat from Seattle, Yare, whom we met in Dana Point and anchored with in San Diego was already here.  This is the buddy boat group.  Dan and Tammy on SV Anjuli, Portland, OR;  and Tor and Jessica with twin sons on SV Yare, Seattle, WA.  image

The Customs and Immigration office was closed for the weekend and Monday was a national holiday so we spent 2 days confined to the dock area. Once we made the wifi connection we spent quite a bit of time printing out our documents and other information for the Mexican check in. SV Yare gave us detailed information on the check in process, told us what to expect, that was a great help.
Tuesday at 8:00 a.m, we headed up to the marina office and they provided assistance with some of the Immigration paperwork, gave us a map and explained the lengthy process we would be facing. We walked about a mile to the CIS building, somewhat anxious that Customs would want to inspect the boat for contraband, agricultural bans, and excess alcohol. Not that we had the first two items to be concerned with, but the hassle of having our home turned upside down was a dreadful feeling.

Fortunately, we were one of the first people in line so the CIS employees were courteous but very solemn. It took us nearly an hour going from one counter to another, back to the line for payment receipts, back to the Port Captain, back to the counter for additional payment receipts, get into the Customs window line, go back into the bank line and pay again. Final stamp of entry of boat and crew done. On to the next window for our fishing license. Filled out the information on a scrap piece of paper, ordered to go pay and bring back the receipt, the sigh of relief when the Wildlife Agent handed us our licenses. About 1.5 hrs later we were done! No inspections, no worry about declaring excess alcohol. By the time we left, the small office area was packed with tourists who had also been waiting to check in from a  three day weekend. Back to the boat to have a beer, after all it was 10:30 and we had just completed a day’s work. We’re officially in Mexico where it’s sunny and warm, delicious Ceviche was on the lunch menu!

We’re very sore from hauling groceries today. We’ve been hauling groceries for miles since Dana Point, especially in San Diego, but the streets here are partially broken up, pot holes that you have to step over and around, and large chunks of concrete missing from the sidewalks, it’s definitely not easy walking!

We had 100 gallons of water delivered to the boat, and they funneled it in through the deck fills for us. $20 for purified water, we’re pleased! Diesel on the other hand will be labor intensive. We (John) has to carry the (2) five gallon jugs just over a mile each way as there isn’t a fuel dock in the harbor for small boats.
Good bye to motoring up to the pump, hello shoulder straps. Actually, we’re hoping to borrow the marina’s dock carts and push those down the street. Just for entertainment, I’ll take the camera along.

We plan to depart early Thursday morning, anticipating a 3 day, light winds passage to Bahia Tortuga (Turtle Bay), about 260 miles from Ensanada. We plan to meet up with our buddy boats there and compare passage notes for the next leg down the Baja coast.

Wish us great sailing winds!

2 thoughts on “Ensanada, Mexico, We’re Happy!

  1. Javier November 18, 2015 / 8:01 am

    Ay mi querido Méjico! Que sería sin esa BURROcracia de clase mundial.
    I hope a nice 15 knot constant wind all the way to Bahia de Tortuga. Javier.

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  2. sherribrenner November 18, 2015 / 9:18 am

    Have a safe journey. You’ll find good fuel in Bahia Tortuga. You either medtie up to the dock or call Enrique on channel 16 and a panga will come to you.

    Liked by 1 person

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