People and Boat Watchiing

Here we are in Dana Point, south of Newport Beach, south of big L. A., Cal. We motored for nearly 20 hours from Santa Barbara. The warm temp made it so we were down to T-shirts and shorts until midnight. Now this is cruising weather. A glassy smooth ocean and a windless night made the trip uneventful. The shooting stars were vivid, the half moon kept us company. The LA city lights lit up the sky and appeared as if dawn was breaking over the mountain range for miles before and after we passed by. The looming oil rigs 4 – 5 miles offshore were lit up like ginormous Christmas trees. No worry about collisions.

Dana Point is an easy harbor to get into, easy fueling area, deep wide channel, and exotic looking. Nearly 2500 boat slips all crowded behind a long man-made breakwater. Homes valued in millions hang out over the high cliffs, the mountain ridge is filled with homes that were built in the 50’s when earthquake and zoning laws didn’t exist. Scary, and high insurance premiums, if that should make a difference. The high cliffs trap the warm air, right down to the harbor’s edge.

People swarmed the beaches and harbor today. It was fascinating to watch and we have a new favorite past time. The people, the view, and the personalities that match the boats, we counted them from the anchorage.

We watched a sailboat drift by, “Mermaid Trap”, we rolled our eyes, shook our heads and watched the lone male driver motor out to sea. Wonder if he went out on the ocean to look for Nemo too.   “Pacifico” (the Mexican beer similar to Corona), a scruffy looking sailboat smoked heavily as it passed us, beer drinking couple of guys yuk-yucking in the cockpit.

imageBatman and Robin zipped by on their water-batmobiles, fully dressed up and ready to “Ka-pow”, “blam” the drinking and driving crowd. BUII’s, just as serious as DUII’s.

The stand up paddlers with their sea dogs, paddlers with kids – a fun family outing. A woman tried repeatedly to climb a rope ladder to get back into a little fishing boat named “Happy Hour Too”. I wanted to offer our ladder but it wouldn’t have fit the side of their boat. After 10 minutes of struggling and 2 people pulling her up, she made it in but not so gracefully, she didn’t match the boat name with her poor body sprawled across the transom and her bathing suit pushed up beyond her hips.

imageA raft-up of 4 dinghies full of retired folks enjoying drinks and hooting at us asking if we came all the way from Portland just to get away from people. Ha ha, actually they were funny, especially the dinghy guy named “Longhorn” with a steer painted on the side. He must’ve come from Texas.

Then watching the stand up paddler boarders and kayakers playing chicken with the incoming motorboats in the channel. On the rocks or bow adornment, flip a coin. As we sip more wine, oh what a kick watching the crazy water people.  image

A whizzing, do-dah sailboat “Trident” with 3 men on board couldn’t wait for their turn to get around the corner, they passed another boater on the outside turn in the narrow inner channel. Keep that up and they will learn what Tri – Dent really means.

Here comes “Cool Man, Cool?” sailing into the mooring area filled with paddlers and swimmers, hard over to skid around our anchored boat. Not so cool, idiot! He waved at us, I gave him the finger from my side view.

Sailing school, Rule #1 – Wear your PFD (personal flotation device). Guess the instructor forgot to read the rules.image

Oh, the Harbor Patrol comes around to check on boats overstaying the 5 day limit and for vagabonds, but ignores the boat with blaring music filled with foul-mouthed passengers. Thank goodness evening is nearing, they will leave.

Aww, “Mermaid Trap” just motored back in, the sun is setting and he’s still alone, hmmm.

Looksy at what I see now. One of those boat people trying to come aboard! He enjoyed his time watching a cute gal wearing a skimpy, black thong swimsuit paddle by – standing up of course. “You should wear one of those, Honey.” Mmhmm, “Sleep in the dinghy, Sweetie-pie.”image
Such is the funny things and no so funny things we see, and cruising life in a sunny California harbor!

4 thoughts on “People and Boat Watchiing

  1. Susan Boyle November 6, 2015 / 2:40 pm

    I really enjoy reading your blog,, as you know it is cold and rainy in Portland,,safe jouneys


    • Diane November 7, 2015 / 4:06 pm

      Hi Sue, John here. Thanks for following us. Sure don’t miss the rain and cold, think of work occassionally, Diane misses the paycheck. We’re in San Diego now, last minute boat stuff. Please look me up on FB. – John


  2. woodhoud November 8, 2015 / 7:09 pm

    John and Diane,

    Just happened onto your blog while net surfing. So glad to hear your voice (in print).


    Liked by 1 person

    • Diane November 15, 2015 / 5:37 pm

      Wish you were down here!


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