Small World on a Vast Ocean

We departed SF Tuesday bound for Morro Bay motoring under the GG with numerous cargo ships and barge traffic, it took us nearly an hour waiting along the north side of the channel to turn south due to the congested waterway. Once southbound the seas calmed down and we hoisted full sails, averaging 5.0 kts. The winds and seas were fresh, blowing from the northwest, we rolled on the down the coastline staying within 10 – 12 nautical miles offshore. We had a great sail despite the large swells and wind waves but with minimal sail banging compared to our previous passages. Perhaps a little too rough for our passenger though, Mike didn’t feel well with the sea conditions. This was his first offshore passage on a Westsail.

We rounded Pt. Piedras Blancas, the last point just before a straight line to Morro Bay about 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday. The wind diminished about 2 hours later and we were becalmed on a rolling ocean swell, just enough to make the mainsail bang and snap from the motion. We had to stand off to wait for daylight and I was on watch alone in the cockpit. The moon set and the fog started to thicken. The black night was eerie, the ocean made strange gurgling sounds, the squeaking rigging mimicked voice-like sounds and the remaining crew were asleep. I realized I was afraid of the dark at that moment. Thank goodness for the invention of flashlights!

Daybreak was beautiful even in the wet, low hanging clouds. The harbor entrance is marked with a massive land mark named Morro Rock, a 581 ft volcanic plug. It rises out of the ocean, amazingly massive, and foreboding to boats. Waves beat upon the base, from our ocean view, it looked ominous. The harbor entrance on the south side is narrow but at high tide it wasn’t a problem as we passed effortlessly through the harbor opening.

IMG_1254We tied to the Morro Bay Yacht club pier and stretched our legs. A passage well done, nothing broken, not too wet, and more sailing than engine time. That’s how we measure our performance.
Within a couple of hours we met 2 other sailboat owners from Portland. They also are headed for Mexico. We exchanged names and greetings, promised to meet up later in the day. We’re hoping to stay in touch with both boats as we continue southward.

Thanks for joining us on our adventures!

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