Filling Up The Space Within – With Family

The three weeks we have spent in windy SF blew away with a flurry of events. Between staying with my sister, Theresa and my beautiful niece, nephews, son and fiancée, attending the Westsail rendezvous, we were so entertained we forgot about the working world we left behind.

We did the tourist walk through busy downtown during Fleet week, the airshow over the city waterfront was impressive. Massive crowds of people everywhere, we could hardly move walking down the sidewalks and traffic plugged the intersections. It was an “ahhh” moment when we arrived home. We purchased enough chocolate and wine to stock the boat for about three months, drank a fair amount of nice wine, and appreciated Tess’ yummy breakfasts.

The last few days have been filled with offshore boat prep , Mexic0 check-in formalities, downloads of information on fast wifi at Theresa’s home.  The best part of last week was the Netflix marathon watching  “The Walking Dead” with Theresa! Marathon viewing was decadent- eating dinner in front of the t.v., drinking margaritas and chowing down on ice cream and popcorn. Three blissful evenings doing nothing else. Hilarious!

On Friday, we took Tess, her husband, Chase  and nephew Tarin for an introductory sailing lesson on the bay. IMG_1134Continued out the Golden Gate to take pictures, sailed along the city waterfront,IMG_1205 splashed and rolled over the swells, and ended the day becalmed as we bobbed our way through Raccoon strait. We sailed over four hours showing them the various wind and sail configurations we’ve experienced on the ocean, but for them – all in the bay! We gave them the chance to pilot the boat. I believe they were a little surprised how much strength it takes to handle the boat and sheet in the sails.
I believe Tarin will be a fine sailor one day. IMG_1128He took immediate charge of Konami, a natural born helmsman. He even nailed the “Arghh” and strong arm stance.  IMG_1120Tess was impressed with the compact, gimbaling stove and intrigued as it swung back and forth with pans filled with simmering dinner. She would be able to work her fine culinary skills at sea, no problem.IMG_1207

The precious time we’ve spent with each family member is so memorable,and I can’t thank them enough for their love and enthusiasm of our adventures. The use of their comfy homes, the vehicle, delicious meals and all the laughter made our stay so rewarding. IMG_1223Theresa, being very wise and strong, gave me piece of mind about all of my doubts. She will be there for my sons and their families during our absence. What a great sister! I want to sail away, I want to stay, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone! Theresa reminded me of a Japanese saying: “Our choices rather than our talents, make us who we are”.

Fulfilled, we are eager to begin our next adventurous leg to sunny Southern Cal.   ~ ~ ~ _____/)

3 thoughts on “Filling Up The Space Within – With Family

  1. sherribrenner October 19, 2015 / 7:14 pm

    Sounds like a lovely time spent filling the heart and soul with love and memories. Take your time coming down the coast. There is so much to see, especially once you pass point Conception. Although Monterey Bay is also a truly lovely place….Santa Cruz, Moss Landing and Monterey, each for different reasons. We cross the border next Monday, but honestly I could have stayed here for another year. There is so much to explore. Blessings and safe travels!


    • Diane October 19, 2015 / 7:21 pm

      Hi there, I’ve been wondering how you guys are doing. WOW, next Monday! Time has flown by and the Baja-haha is here. We’re leaving tomorrow, taking another WS owner to Morrow Bay, first time for him offshore on WS. We plan on stopping at Santa Cruz Is for a few days, then heading down to San Diego about Nov 2, hope to check into Ensanada about Nov 4 or there ’bouts. Keep us posted on your check in process!


      • sherribrenner October 19, 2015 / 7:41 pm

        You will enjoy Santa Cruz. The Crows Nest has a great happy hour menu. Steve and I said our vows at the light house out on the jetty with our children. I understand Ensenada is an easy check in. You shouldn’t have any problems. If possible stay at the yacht club in Morrow Bay. Sweet people and good facilities. We are currently staying at the Sun Harbor Marine in San Diego. Outstanding facilities. I could live here! Hope to see you in Mexico! BTW- Love the quote from your sister…. Sweet!


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