Sailing San Francisco Bay…

Some of the finest sailing on the west coast is right here! Any combination of sails, no cross swell (at least when we sailed), miles traveling on the same tack (course) with multiple backgrounds, the sun setting behind the awesome Golden Gate,IMG_1059the historically rich, geometric city waterfront, islands with tall cliffs, even creepy Alcatraz Island, it’s all here.

IMG_0972 “Busy sailing” is what we like to call it, looking at the scenery, watching for other sailboats, dodging wave making pilot boats, speeding ferries and giant freighters heading in or out of the bay. Traversing around them by letting the sails out or pulling them in tighter in order to point the boat away from the traffic,  absolutely exciting and challenging!

We docked Konami in Richmond, the NE area of the bay when we arrived on September 25th and then spent one week with my sister in Rohnert Park, 1 hour north of SF. We toured the Santa Rosa College (where my sister is a tenure tracked instructor) and the campus museum of which she is the director: some extraordinary artifacts can be viewed there! We caught up on the laundry, mail and communication with the family back in Portland. We rounded out the week with internet communications and grocery and boat item shopping, and then relaxed before heading back to qcomplete our after-ocean-passage cleaning on Konami in preparation for the No. Cal Westsail rendezvous.

On Friday Oct. 2, other Westsail boats started arriving, in total there were 12 in attendance. A very enjoyable weekend filled with meeting the owners, listening to their experiences and future plans, boat touring, and sharing ideas of boat gear and rigging. We were fortunate to meet Rick, owner of Free Style, who sailed his Westsail to Japan in 2012 via the South Pacific route.

IMG_1003We had been following Rick’s blog at the time, so I took the opportunity to shadow him, listen to his stories of crossing the South Pacific, and gather more information about the Japanese Customs and Immigration process.

On the last day most of the Westsails departed the dock forming a parade of our boats and were filmed for a documentary titled: “Westsail the World”. IMG_8149 We took a passenger with us, Javier Kim. He doesn’t own a boat but loves the Westsail and attends the rendezvous each year. He had such a great time sailing and as we powered up with full sails he became quite animated shouting, “Yes, we’re ahead of them, we’re sailing faster, how fast are we doing? Wow, wow, 7.5 knots, keep going, keep going!” Fantastic sailing, totally jazzed and hyper we headed back to the marina 4 hours later. It was a special day of sailing for John and I, and sharing it with Javier made it even more so. We had a great weekend and plan on staying in contact with our new friends as we continue Southward in the next couple of weeks.

Now we’re off to spend time with the young great niece and nephew for the next few days, gotta get in the last bit of reading children’s books, scooter riding and playing in the park.

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