Sputtering, Moldy Tasting Water

We had an issue with our water system, again. For the last nine months we’ve been having issues with the water system leaking air and it has been moldy tasting.  It just happened all at once, how could that be.  The convenient water faucet on the dock made it easy to just live with the problem until the very last minute, when we’re running out of time! imageLast fall we pulled both stainless steel tanks, cleaned out the bilge and laid in new tank supports.  All the filters and strainers  were removed and cleaned, scrubbed out the tanks, replaced all the water hoses and fittings. And replaced the heavy, space eating 3 gallon steel pressure tank with a new petite Shurflo water accumulator.  I rebuilt the galley’s manual foot pumps, and the manual pump and hoses in the head are new, John installed those a few weeks ago so those weren’t variables in the leak but rechecked anyway.


We finally got down to business  of fixing it this last week when we kept having to turn off the breaker at the electric panel to keep the pump from burning itself out.  The culprit:  the newer water filter system.  John had suspected it earlier but thought maybe it was okay because the water pump and pressure worked just fine after checking and cleaning umpteen times.  Although the moldy tasting water didn’t disappear.  Either the O-ring  or the air bleed valve on the top was defective, of course gradually allowing air in perpetuating the mold growth.  There was a slimy film around the end of the filter that smelled moldy. We decided to go simple and removed the spitting filter, one less piece of junk and carrying filters. We have the larger dockside filter system for places that have questionable water quality and sediment, and we’ll be treating our water for bacteria anyway, so actually double filtering the water is for taste quality only.   Supposedly Portland’s water quality and taste have a very high rating but I don’t like the taste of even mildly chlorinated city water so I’ll just add a shot from my favorite ‘filter’ stashed under the settee.

imageLooks like John has already been filtering his water or maybe just happy he can move onto the completion of our boom and reefing project.

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