Cleaning Out the Storage Unit (and Barn)

We have 3 weeks to get it all moved out, a  12′ x 24 ‘ unit full of useful and not-so useful items.  Sorting the  personal items and tools going into our sons’ homes,  exciting  and nostalgic all at once.  As we began the sorting process  this week I came across items that we used on the ranch, not-so useful any longer, but a major part of our lives just about 3 years ago.   Though we purchased our boat nearly 6 years ago and started preparations for our cruising lifestyle, I find I’m a little saddened by leaving the ranch part behind and want to put it into words, it helps.

Annie and Tess Apr06My beautiful orphaned calf, Annie and my beloved Great Dane, Tess.  My girls at heart.


Bobbi Nov04How can you not love this face?  She was a pet, a pig, a pal and a PITA all embodied into this wonderful cow named Bobbi.  She followed you anywhere, plodded along when you called her name, stood there pooping when you just cleaned the barn.  This chapter has closed, chasing after cows may be ‘moo’ much work when we come back.



Off and onward to our new lifestyle.  Adventurous, bold, different, unconventional; and perhaps even scary at times?  We have lots family and  friends who are cheering us on and we’re excitedly waiting for our adventure to begin VERY SOON!


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