Living Aboard – Some Mornings Aren’t That Great… By Diane

How many WS have working showers on board, and how many WS people actually use it? Konami is set up with the shower pan, we could hook it up but with so much rain and moisture already on the boat and no hot water tank we’ve opted to use the marina. Generally it’s great, lots of hot water, plenty of space, free electricity for the hairdryer and other necessities. And generally clean. We have a solar shower for the cockpit when we take off, more than likely nobody will see us showering and if they do, it’s accepted as part of the cruising lifestyle.

I am not prudish, I shower at the swimming pool showers, dress down at the gym, even try on clothing in the open dressing room with other ladies. We’ve travelled enough to know every country has different cultures and view of modesty. In Japan there are co-ed, women only, and family bathhouses. In Egypt the women aren’t allowed to remove their hijab, even in front of other women they don’t know. In China there are rural farming areas that the “bathrooms” are long rows of stalls with boards that cover your face only. I haven’t personally used those.

But simply showering at the marina facility, stepping out of the shower stall realizing that I’ve forgotten my towel can be a VERY embarrassing event. So what do I do? Try to drip dry for for a moment and realize it’s futile. Then I wonder if the floor is clean enough to walk on with my clean bare feet;  guess at how long it will take me to stand at the paper towel dispenser and have the magnetic eye watch me wave my hand trying to get the towels to spit out faster, and then I hope nobody comes in to find me in this predicament. I wouldn’t be embarrassed if everyone had to stand at the dispenser after showering but when I’m the only person standing bare ass naked in the middle of the room with dripping hair and water running onto the floor, I am a spectacle and represent the class of “air-head”.  Maybe even scary looking to some people. Fortunately the ladies that entered felt sorry for me and tried to have the other dispenser spitting out towels too.

Learn from me, double check that the towel is in your bag.  Sorry – no pictures of this event available – if I can’t remember to grab my towel, why the hell would I take a camera.

One thought on “Living Aboard – Some Mornings Aren’t That Great… By Diane

  1. Jim Focha February 13, 2015 / 9:52 am

    Showering on board is as controversial as anchor selection. When in northern Latitudes we shower on the boat when anchored out and we mostly anchor out. Our single pass propane hot water heater gives us plenty hot water. Moisture has never been a problem, but water consumption is, which is why we have a Spectra water maker. In the tropics we shower in the cockpit or at the marina shower if they’re close and clean.
    J&J “Worldwind”


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